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Mindy McConnell

Mork & Mindy

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Living… at 1619 Pine Street in Boulder, Colorado. Mindy had been ditched in the forest by her deadbeat boyfriend when she came upon Mork, an alien from the planet Ork. He had just landed on Earth in his egg-shaped spaceship. She promised to keep his identity a secret and let him stay in her attic, to the objection of her father, Fred. Fred didn’t want his daughter living with any man, much less one as eccentric as Mork.

Profession… clerk at her father’s music store. Mindy’s working arrangement suits her father’s protective and conservative nature. If he can’t control her living situation, he can at least keep an eye on her during the eight-hour workday. Unfortunately, Mork’s precarious situation can have an effect on business, like when a tabloid reporter shows up offering $25,000 for proof of alien life.  

Interests… learning more about Mork’s Ork origins and schooling him on life on Earth. She teaches him about practical jokes, day-to-day customs, and deeper things like love and loneliness. She also has to deal with Exidor, an eccentric man who regards himself as a prophet, and squats with his imaginary girlfriend. He has “vacationed” at Mindy’s family home, hallucinating a beach inside the closet.

Relationship Status… falling for Mork. Mindy knew that Mork’s human experience would be meaningless without love, but over the years their relationship has evolved beyond a simple tutorial and into a real loving relationship.

Challenge… dealing with the fallout from her decision to take Mork in as a friend, and roommate. Mindy has lost job opportunities, fought with her family, and been stalked by a mentally ill man, all because of Mork.

Personality… compassionate. Think of the patience needed to teach a full-grown man everything about humanity. She’s sweet, nervous, and forgiving of Mork’s constant misunderstandings. She is intelligent while being down to earth. She immediately took a personal stake in Mork’s well being and taught him everything he knows, sacrificing a normal life and asking for little in return.

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