Mindy Lahiri

Mindy Lahiri

    The Mindy Project
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Concord, Massachusetts, with her two Indian immigrant parents and her little brother Rishi. Mindy is very loving and protective of Rishi, who is 11 years younger than her and attends Stanford University. Mindy attended Princeton and Columbia and, after completing her residency with Shulman & Associates, she was hired as a partner.

Living… in a nice apartment in Manhattan. Mindy loves interior decorating and keeps her apartment in beautiful shape. Everyone she works with is always trying to see it and, when they do, they are always in awe. Just ask Mindy.

Profession… OB/GYN at Shulman & Associates. Though she is bubbly and goofy about most things, Mindy is a very dedicated and intelligent doctor. She loves all of her patients and, though she makes inappropriate jokes on occasion, is a very calm and reassuring presence.

Interests… food, sour straws, romance, Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, basketball players, her butt, interior decorating, fashion, breakfast sandwiches, McDonalds, and not working out.

Relationship Status… it’s all very complicated. Mindy seems to have a love/hate relationship with dating. Because she’s watched one too many romantic comedies and has a very detailed plan of who she wants to marry and how many children she wants to have, she has unrealistically high romantic expectations. In her defense, though, the people she dates usually end up emotionally scarring her. In her own words, “I just need to ride out this minor humiliation until I find my Kanye.”

Challenge… finding her ideal guy. It’s a difficult task, though, because she overlooks horrible personalities when the horrible people are handsome. She also has trouble letting go when a relationship fails. Ultimately, she remains hopeful of finding her perfect guy even though she’s been through so many imperfect ones.

Personality… confident, sexy, romantic, and funny. Mindy is incredibly self-assured, both physically and mentally. She’s not afraid to hit on guys and loves the attention of being hit on. She’s usually a very friendly person but doesn’t take anyone’s crap, especially when it’s about her career or the fact that she’s a woman. Though at times she’s vapid, selfish, and shallow, she usually does the right thing when it counts. 


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