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Mimi Marquez


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Living… in the same New York apartment complex as Mark and Roger. It's a shoddy, run-down place where she lives alone, supporting her wild lifestyle and her drug addiction by working at a club. At only nineteen years old, she has already “lived a lot of life."

Profession… dancer at a kinky strip club – her act involves being tied up and handcuffed.

Interests… going out on the town at night and having fun. Mimi likes to get wild, and she’s not ashamed of it – in fact, she invites other people to share in the fun.

Relationship Status… single, and on the prowl. Mimi has, at some point, had a thing with Benny the landlord, but now she’s fallen hard for her neighbor Roger. Meow. Look this way please, pretty boy.

Challenge… dealing with her heroin addiction. The tainted needles she used to shoot up are probably what gave her AIDS. Mimi knows she should stop taking drugs, but she’s hooked, and she already has a death sentence hanging over her head. And if Roger won’t commit to a relationship with her, she’ll have to find support somewhere else.

Personality… bold, free-spirited, optimistic. Not afraid to put herself out there, Mimi is determined to take her chances with love, and she won’t let the past or future stop her. Who doesn’t have some issues? It’s all about the mindset: “I’m looking for baggage that goes with mine.”

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