Miles Massey
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Miles Massey

Intolerable Cruelty

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About Him

Grew Up… aspiring to be a top-notch lawyer. Miles went to law school and graduated at the top of his class. And, Herb Myerson, an aging lawyer, took Miles under his wing.

Living… as something of a celebrity among lawyers. Miles invented the “Massey Pre-nup,” an agreement to which professors “devote an entire semester” to at Harvard Law. When Miles isn’t working on a divorce case, he’s traveling as a keynote speaker at attorney conventions. Essentially, Miles has it all: money, fame, pearly-white teeth. He is only missing someone to share his life with.

Profession… divorce attorney at Massey and Myerson, a firm headed by Herb Myerson, whose incredible old age doesn’t stop him from being first into the office every morning – basically living at the firm, but “who needs a home [for] when you have a colostomy bag.” Miles, however, is afraid of aging alone, with nothing but his reputation.

Interests… his teeth, his reputation, and winning. Miles Massey is what you might call “self-interested.”  

Relationship Status… single. Miles is immediately taken by the stunning and scheming Marilyn Rexroth, whose marriage to Rex Rexroth was merely a clever trick intended to divorce him for everything he’s worth. Mile is “fascinated,” to say the least.

Challenge… defend Rex Rexroth, and assure that Marilyn doesn’t get a penny. Miles sets out to find any flaw in Marilyn’s plan, perhaps a witness she might have confided in and told her true money-hungry intentions. And his other plan is trying everything he can do not to fall in love with her.

Personality… arrogant, but charming. He is addicted to his job and believes he’s the best at what he does, especially after Herb Myerson croaks earnestly, “You are the engine… that drives this firm.” But he may have finally met his match with Marilyn.

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