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About Him

Living… for his work, in Washington D.C. Now that he’s divorced, he’s living on his own and can’t wait to get home. Still, it’s rare for him to be anywhere but the office. He probably does the majority of his sleeping there.

Profession… director of communications to Vice President Selina Meyer. Mike has been with Selina since she was a Senator for Maryland. He’s not quite as dedicated as the younger guns on staff. He doesn’t put on a smile or kiss ass. In fact, he tries to avoid doing his job as much as possible. With the daily media gaffes of this administration, can you blame him?

Interests… alcohol, for getting him through the day; and his dog, for getting him out of work. That dog is his escape from the unforgiving political world. The best thing about the dog is that he’s imaginary – Mike doesn’t have to walk him, feed him, or look after him. They can sit and watch TV together for hours. He’s so well-behaved.

Relationship Status… divorced. Mike has an ex-wife that he mentions off-handedly, usually as a punch-line. It’s not surprising that an alcoholic with no spare time had a hard time holding a marriage together. He seems to be a bit restless with the dating scene. The ink might still be drying on the settlement.

Challenge… communicating. For a director of communications, Mike sure has a hard time getting his ideas across. His number two, Dan Egan, is actively going after his job, and even if he wasn’t, Mike would be paranoid about it. He feels like he might be losing the fire in his belly, and he doesn’t have a life to go home to. He needs some positive reinforcement from something outside of politics.

Personality… schleppy. D.C.’s pace and attitude have taken a toll on Mike. Constant battles with political foes like the energy industry are wearing on him: “I'm like the last guy in a human centipede with this.” He could definitely use a vacation. Maybe he can take his dog.

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