Mike Lowery
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Mike Lowery

Bad Boys

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About Him

Overview… a charismatic cop with a loose tongue and an appetite for women. Mike is a quintessential ladies man – he’s got his arm around a new girl in his $105,000 car every night. Mike is about as smooth as they come; when he’s not cracking criminal skulls with his pistol, he’s whispering sweet nothings into some pretty lady’s ear. So it’s definitely a stretch when he has to pretend to be his married-with-kids partner, Marcus, to help solve an explosive narcotics case.

Personality… rude, sly, and confident. Mike might love the ladies, but he always manages to stay focused on his work. “All I ever wanted to be was a cop,” he says. “I get up early and I take it to the max every day. I’m the first guy through the door and I’m always the last guy to leave the crime scene.” He’ll need all that focus to take down a dangerous drug kingpin.

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