Mike Keegan
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Mike Keegan

Someone to Watch Over Me

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About Him

Living… in his house in Queens, but he splits his time at Claire's apartment in Manhattan. It's in one of New York's most exclusive co-ops. Distilled civilization and quiet wealth. A world away from Queens, or anything else.

Profession… NYPD detective. He’s currently assigned to guard Claire Gregory, a wealthy socialite who witnessed a murder and is now being pursued herself. The job was to simply baby-sit the witness. Sit and look impressive. Make her feel protected. Soon it turned into 24-hour protection. They’re together all the time now.

Relationship Status… married, but in trouble. His wife Ellie wants him to switch to the day shift. She doesn't like that he spends all his nights with Claire now. She suspects the worst– and she's right. He’s tried to resist Claire’s advances. Claire doesn’t seemed fazed by Mike being married. She’s vulnerable; considerations of anyone else are secondary.

Challenge… keeping Claire safe while keeping his own life in one piece. Ellie says he either needs to get off the case or not come home. Meanwhile Venza, the murderer, has promised he will find Claire and kill her. Lieutenant Garber says when she identifies him, Venza will be locked up for good. But until then, they’re always on alert.

Personality… conflicted and lust-stricken. Garber's not being straight with Claire. She could be in deep trouble if she identifies him, and it's Mike’s job to convince her she won't be. Ellie thinks Mike’s convincing is moving past professionalism and turning into an affair. He’s good at the core, but he’s still only human. It'd be impossible not to feel something for someone like Claire, but that doesn't mean he’s willing to throw everything away.

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