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Living… with regret. Mike’s holds himself partially responsible for his daughter’s death. Rather than teaching her to fight, Mike believes that he and his wife spent too much time filling her head with stories about “heaven, and clouds, and nirvana.”

Visiting… New York City on an assignment. Mike is visiting the fancy Dolphin Hotel on Lexington Avenue, which houses a (supposedly) haunted room, number 1408.

Profession… writer. Mike sees himself as a professional debunker. Since his daughter’s death, he’s been searching for evidence of supernatural phenomena, but he’s yet to find any. He claims, “Nothing would make me happier than to experience a paranormal event.” He may get to test that theory. 

Interests… booze. He is a writer, after all. Mike’s main source of comfort since his daughter’s death, aside from writing, has been the sauce.

Relationship Status… estranged from his wife, Lily. Mike his wife haven’t gotten along since their daughter’s death. They blame each other for her demise.

Challenge… surviving the night in Room 1408. Mike believes that he’s seen it all – he’s searched the world far and wide for a good, honest ghost story, yet he can’t seem to find one. Despite sobering warnings from the hotel manager, Gerald Olin, Mike seems to think that 1408 will be just another hoax. “Listen, I stayed at the Bixby House,” he says. “I brushed my gooddamn teeth right next to the tub where Sir David Smith drowned his whole family. And I stopped believing in vampires when I was 12.”

Personality… skeptical, jaded, and arrogant. Mike claims to be fearless. He believes that he’s already dealt with the supreme horror that life has to offer – the death of his only child. But Room 1408 may have a few nasty surprises in store.

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