Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman

    Attack on Titan

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… inside the Walls, giant stone walls that protect the last of humanity from Titans – man-eating giants. Mikasa lived with her parents, until a group of slavers killed them and tried to kidnap her. With the help of the young Eren Jaeger, she survived, but the experience scarred her. She always wears the red scarf he gave her on that day.

Living… with the Jaeger family. They adopted her, and she’s grown extremely close to Eren. Unfortunately, this family doesn’t last either. Somehow, a giant Titan breaks the Wall that protects them, and Titans swarm their village, killing everyone in sight. Mikasa, Eren, and their friend Armin escape, and lived as refugees behind a different Wall. Now, they’ve joined the military, so they live in the barracks on base.

Profession… new member of the Survey Corps. While most of humanity hides behind the Walls, the trained soldiers of the Survey Corps venture beyond, trying to study Titans and regain territory for humanity. When Eren joined, Mikasa joined too, and she quickly established herself as a prodigy.

Interests… protecting Eren. Mikasa has already lost too many family members.

Relationship Status… single. She is so close to Eren, though, that it’s hard to tell if she thinks of him as a brother, or something more.

Challenge… surviving, and keeping her friends alive. Mikasa might be a near-perfect soldier, but the Titans are incredibly large, strong, fast, and unpredictable. Humanity has been losing the war to them for decades. Eren wants to turn it around, but Mikasa isn’t sure if that’s even possible. Even if it isn’t, though, she’ll keep fighting.

Personality… stoic, loyal, and deadly. Mikasa rarely shows emotion, even around people that she cares about. She seems to have dedicated her whole life to protecting Eren, perhaps in return for saving her when she was a child. She won’t break her stone-faced expression when she kills a dozen Titans in a row, either – she’s one of the most dangerous women you’ll ever meet.



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