Mikael Blomkvist
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Mikael Blomkvist

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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About Him

Grew Up… in Sweden. Mikael became interested in investigative journalism at a young age. He made his first great story at only 23, uncovering the hideout of bank robbers. Mikael earned the nickname “Kalle” Blomkvist from this story, referring to a fictional Swedish boy detective.

Living… in his Stockholm apartment. His teenage daughter, Pernilla, stays with him sometimes but usually lives with Mikael’s ex-wife.

Profession… journalist and publisher at Millenium Magazine. Mikael is a hard-working financial reporter whose brutal honesty has made him wildly unpopular. Stockholm’s wealthy business elites don’t have much patience for their dirty secrets being made public. 

Interests… mystery and danger. When he gets going on a case, it consumes him completely.

Relationship Status… having an affair with his co-worker, Erika Berger. This is partly what ended Mikael’s marriage. Erika’s husband, on the other hand, knows of and accepts the affair. Mikael gets along well with Erika, though dating your editor has its complications.

Challenge… overcoming a humiliating libel conviction. After releasing an expose of billionaire speculator-turned-corporate-leader Hans-Erik Wennerström, he’s forced into hiding. His has no choice but to seek vindication and put Wennerström behind bars.

Personality… dry and direct. Mikael is not humorless, but comes across as really serious. Professionally, he has gained a newfound sense of caution. He tells an excited employer that he’s found a lead on the case, but that, “the last time I reported on something without being absolutely sure, I lost my life savings.”

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