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Miguel Alvarez


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Grew up… without a father or a grandfather. Alvarez only met his two male ancestors when he came to Oswald State Penitentiary (or “Oz”), where they both serve life sentences. When Miguel finally does meet his father, he is disturbed to find out that the man’s tongue was cut out by a fellow inmate, leaving him mute.

Living… in Oz for the next 15 years. Miguel was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief in the second degree along with his girlfriend, who is serving her time in Parker Women’s facility. It’s actually kind of a nice story: “Yeah, we got arrested together. Ain’t that sweet?

Profession… prison inmate, doing whatever it takes to survive. Miguel desperately wants to find a place for himself in Oz’s Latino gang.

Interests… his newborn son. Miguel, with the help of Oz’s priest, Father Ray Mukada, is present at the birth of his son. The experience is life-changing for the young Miguel, who never had a relationship with his own father.

Relationship Status... involved with Maritza, the mother of his child. She is also in prison, at Parker Women’s facility. It’s hard to keep up any real relationship with both of them behind bars.

Challenge… letting the better angels of his nature conquer his inner hatred. Miguel is one of the few Oz inmates who is capable of feeling remorse and compassion, but life in prison may force Alvarez to resort to violence in order to protect himself.

Personality… conflicted. Alvarez knows the difference between Good and Evil; he just can’t seem to find much Good within Oz’s perimeter. In his words, “I’m so tired. I’m tired of trying. I’m tired of the walls. The lies. The fear. The death. I’m so tired.”

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