Mighty Steel Leg Sing
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Mighty Steel Leg Sing

Shaolin Soccer

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About Him

Living… on the streets of Hong Kong. He makes the little money he has by entertaining people for change by punting garbage around the streets. On good days, he makes enough money to buy his favorite food: sweet buns. 

Profession… shaolin martial artist. Sing has been unsure of how to take the art of Shaolin and utilize it within the larger society. Sure, Shaolin is beautiful martial art form, but what is its use in modern day China? Although he tries various options, none of them seem to work out. It's only after he meets a forgotten soccer legend, "Golden Leg" Fung, that he gets an idea…

Interests… soccer. Fung, who was sidelined from his professional career after receiving a debilitating limp after being double crossed by a former teammate of his named Hung, decides to coach Sing in soccer. Sing quickly gets together his fellow Shaolin disciples, and they form a team. Together, they play soccer like no other – flying through the air in exotic acrobatic movies before kicking the ball.

Relationship Status… spending time with an acne-ridden baker, Mui, who uses T'ai Chi in her baking. Although Sing makes it clear that they should just be friends, there appears to be more to their relationship.

Challenge… winning an important soccer game. It turns out that Hung has an evil team of his own, and all the players use performance-enhancing drugs. Can the men of Shaolin use their natural gifts and “oneness with the universe” against unfair odds?

Personality… kind, determined, and calm. He is always trying to strive away from anger and tells one of his brothers: "Please calm down. Anger destroys the soul."

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