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Micky Rosa


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Overview… a MIT professor who supplements his salary with blackjack card-counting. With the help of MIT students he has recruited to his gambling team, he has been able to make an absolute killing in Vegas. But being in charge of a bunch of hormonal college kids/party animals is no picnic, and keeping his merry band of card counters on task occupies most of Professor Rosa’s extracurricular life. Now that he’s recruited math genius Ben Campbell, Micky stands to earn more cash than ever before. But can he successfully integrate Ben into the team?

Personality… tough and pragmatic. Sentiment has no place in Micky Rosa’s management style. As he says, “You are only ever as good to me as the money you make.” So if you’re looking to generate a quick fortune joining his blackjack team, make sure you have the skills to pay his bills. Otherwise, you’re out.

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