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Mickey O'Neil


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About Him

Grew Up… traveling all around the United Kingdom. Mickey is a part of a gypsy-like group of Irish "Travelers."

Living… in the countryside just outside of London with the rest of his troupe. Mickey lives in a dilapidated caravan with his mother, whom he worships. As he says, “I like to look after me ma.”

Profession… none. Mickey, like the rest of his fellow travelers, doesn’t operate within normal society. They are a band of outsiders who make money however they can. Mickey is quite the fighter, though, and so could count himself as a part-time pugilist.

Interests… aside from his dogs (or “dags” as he says in his thick accent of undetermined origin), Mickey enjoys a good bust-up. The temperamental Mickey knows how to use his fists. He’s also never been known to turn down a drink.

Challenge… fighting in an underground match set up by the notorious London crime boss Brick Top. Mickey has gotten into a bit of a pickle. Mickey agrees to replace the boxer Gorgeous George, whom he beat up over a misunderstanding involving a caravan, in a prizefight. But Mickey, who is supposed to go down in the fourth round, has to make sure that his temper doesn’t get in the way of things. He’s not usually the type to lose a fight, not even if he's supposed to.

Personality… confident, temperamental, and a bit cheeky. Mickey speaks in an almost incomprehensible accent, which causes a lot of difficulty when he tries to negotiate with his English boxing manager, Turkish. Then again, even if one could understand Mickey, it's by no means certain that he would make all that much sense anyway. He's a man that lives by his own unconventional code, which is about as indicipherable as his speech.

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