Mickey Milkovich

Mickey Milkovich

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... a secret life in a tough Chicago neighborhood. Why’s it tough? Because Mickey lives there. He steals, he fights, he’s been to juvy and back. Don’t mess with him unless you want to see the wrong side of one of his many guns.

Profession... high school dropout turned criminal. Of all the thugs in Canaryville – and there are plenty – Mickey might be the most ruthless. He makes his money through stealing and occasionally working at the local Kash and Grab. With a growing arsenal of black-market weapons, Mickey gets what he wants by force.

Interests… hurting people. Mickey expresses himself through physical violence and has acted out since a young age.

Relationship Status... secretly dating his neighbor Ian Gallagher. Though outwardly and aggressively homophobic, Mickey is a closeted gay man, and has disclosed his sexual preference to very few people. Up until their relationship began, Mickey bullied Ian, but now their partnership is the most stable part of Mickey’s life.

Challenge... exploring his blossoming relationship with Ian while keeping it private from his friends and family. Mickey is especially worried about his dad finding out. When someone close to Ian catches them together, Mickey doesn’t know what to do, but he’s convinced that all his reasonable options include violence.                                                                                            

Personality... rude, violent, aggressive, and dangerous. Mickey gives off a scary first impression, and his actions back it up. But as Ian has learned, Mickey is secretly very caring, protective, and even funny. Unfortunately, that protective streak often displays itself through acts of serious violence and crime. But in Canaryville, sometimes that’s the only way for things to change.


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