Mickey Knox
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Mickey Knox

Natural Born Killers

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Living… in a jailhouse, but they're trying to put Mickey in a mental ward. He and his wife Mallory have committed some serious crimes, and the court is deciding what to do with them. But as he understands it, “Mallory and I may be killers, but we're not insane. We belong in a prison, not an asylum. The prison board is blatantly railroading us into a hospital for the sole purpose of turning us into vegetables.”

Profession… mass murderer. Mallory and his wife took hostages, raped, stole, and murdered, and did so virtually indiscriminately. Now they’re both in the pen for life. When asked if it was worth it, Mickey says it was.

Interests… being the center of attention. Mickey loves the fame they’ve been receiving for their crimes. Recently, he and Mallory have been doing TV interviews with Wayne Gayle. He's got a popular show on TV – American Maniacs – where they profile a different serial killer each week. Gayle says Mickey and Mallory are going to make TV history with the first sit-down, in-depth interview with two serial killers.

Relationship Status… in peril, since he can't see Mallory anymore. At night in his cell, Mickey gets the chills. To ease his pain, he imagines that he’s lying with Mallory and kissing her. He even remembers all the good times they shared together.

Challenge… getting out of prison and staying out of the mental ward. They're trying to transfer Mallory and Mickey to some psychiatric institution so they don't cause trouble in prison anymore. The prisons they’re at now want them gone, but no other place will put up with them. So what they decided to do with the killers was to set up a kangaroo court that found them crazy. They want to lobotomize them both, put them on a drug and electro shock diet, and they’ll cease to be a problem to anybody. But Mickey and Mallory have other plans.

Personality… psychotic and amoral. Mickey and other people, they’re not even the same species. He used to be one of them, but then he evollved – at least in his view.  As he explains, “When I was holding the shotgun, it all became clear. I realized for the first time my one true calling in life. I’m a natural born killer.” If you ever encounter Mickey Knox, it's best to head the other direction, and fast.

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