Mickey Goldmill
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Mickey Goldmill

Rocky Series

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Overview... a crusty boxing trainer. The gravel-voice Mickey is a classic dispenser of tough love to the fighters he trains. He has a quick fuse, especially when he feels someone isn’t taking the sport he loves seriously enough. That’s why he seems especially eager to antagonize Rocky Balboa, a local club fighter who has never reached his potential and doesn’t seem to be bothered much by that fact. Now that Rocky has been given an unlikely shot at the heavyweight championship, Mickey wants to train him. With the shoe on the other foot, Rocky resists at first, but eventually he realizes that Mickey gives him the best shot to beat the great Apollo Creed – even if that’s still not too good a shot. 

Personality... tough, grizzled, and wise. Mickey really does has a soft heart, but don’t let him catch you saying it. He wants the best for Rocky, and if that means waking him up at the crack of dawn, making him chase a chicken, or telling him that “women weaken legs,” rest assured that there’s a method to Mickey’s madness.

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