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10 Cloverfield Lane

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Overview... a young woman who awakens from a car crash to find herself chained in an underground bunker. Michelle soon meets Howard, who says he brought her to his bunker to save her from the destruction up above, where aliens have attacked Earth. Michelle has no way to know if Howard is telling the truth, or at least no easy way since Howard’s bunker is literally and figuratively airtight. That fact is either something to be terrified by or thankful for. Deciding which of those views is accurate – and if it’s the former, figuring out how to escape – is the pressing task faced by Michelle and Emmett, her third bunker-mate.

Personality... resourceful, suspicious, and stronger than she knows. Actually, Michelle might not usually be overly suspicious, but it’s a natural reaction to her current circumstances. Howard is definitely an odd guy, but determining whether he’s the best or worst thing ever to happen to her will call on strength and skills Michelle didn’t even know she had.

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