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Michelle Tanner

Full House

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Living... in a large house in San Francisco with her father, Danny; older sisters, D.J. and Stephanie; and uncles, Jesse and Joey. Michelle's mother died when she was just a baby so she doesn't really remember her, but her large family does a great job raising her in a stable and loving environment.

Profession... cute baby. Her Uncle Joey says, "There's something about a man with a baby that's so...sexy...and hard to resist. Michelle, tomorrow you're coming with me to the market."

Interests... delivering her signature one-liners. Although very young, Michelle is a fast talker. Her many catchphrases include: "You're in big trouble, mister," "No way, Jose" and “You got it, dude.”

Challenge... occasionally feeling left behind, since she is the baby of the family. Generally, Michelle has little to worry about, though she sometimes argues with Stephanie because they are closest in age. Her biggest challenge is simply growing up, but her family is extremely supportive and shows her the way.

Personality... sassy, clever, and adorable. Although she is too young to be intentionally manipulative, Michelle's cuteness goes a long way and she is usually able to get what she wants. She also proves to be smart enough not to be taken advantage of by her sisters or classmates, and is quick to stand up for herself: "My daddy told me that if you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. Well, my daddy's not here, and you're a weenie!"

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