Michelle Richardson

Michelle Richardson

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… reluctantly with her mom and her new stepfather. Malcolm is the latest in a series of men that Michelle’s mother has married, and Michelle isn’t pleased. Michelle firmly believes that Malcolm is only there to take advantage of his wife financially and treats him with utter disdain.

Profession… student/girlfriend. Michelle believes that her most important job is “looking shaggable” for her boyfriend Tony and she does a wonderful job of it.  All eyes are usually on her the moment she struts into a room with a tight mini-skirt and glitzy top. Well, almost. Tony is usually preoccupied with someone else, but Michelle doesn’t let that faze her for long. A bit of seductive dancing, and she’ll have his attention back in no time.

Interests… shopping, dressing up, and going out. Michelle is a girly girl at heart. She has great taste in clothing, accessories, and makeup. Her friends often ask Michelle for fashion advice, and she’s happy to oblige. That is, if she isn’t too busy hanging out with Tony.

Relationship Status… taken. Michelle is dating the hottest guy in school and she is madly in love with him, despite the fact that Tony isn’t always a good boyfriend. He makes fun of Michelle’s breasts, flirts with other girls, and dismisses her emotions. Tony’s antics are upsetting, but something about him just keeps drawing her back in.

Challenge… dealing with her boyfriend. Tony and Michelle have always had their ups and downs. Lately, however, it seems like he has been misbehaving more than usual and her faith in their relationship is starting to waver. Nevertheless, Michelle tries to convince herself that everything will be okay: “He always wants me the most though. I’m his girlfriend and that’s special, isn’t it?”

Personality... confident and sassy, but more vulnerable than she lets on. Michelle pretends that Tony’s subtle digs about her body and general insensitivity don’t bother her, but she is actually deeply affected. Luckily, her friend Sid, who also has a hopeless crush on her, is there to provide plenty of validation.


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