Michelle “M.J.” Jones

Michelle “M.J.” Jones

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… after “The Blip”, which was a mass extinction event in which half of all life ceased to exist because of Thanos’ snap with the Infinity Stones. MJ, Peter, and other school friends blipped, and they came back to a world that had gone on without them. Although they are the same age as when they blipped, the others that didn’t disappear are five years older. 

Profession… student. MJ is a full-time high school student at Midtown School of Technology and Science. She is academically gifted in a wide range of school topics. She is on the academic decathlon team, along with her friends Peter Parker, Flash Thompson and Brad Davis. MJ is not the most popular pupil, often keeping to herself at school. And she feels even more isolated now that she blipped. But thankfully, the school has organized a summer field trip to Europe to help raise the spirts of students like MJ who had disappeared.

Interests… reading, observing, theorizing about conspiracies and general trivia. MJ is an avid reader who can often be seen with a book in her hand, reading by herself. MJ also likes to observe people from afar, noting general tendencies and behavior patterns in others. MJ is an encyclopedia of knowledge, as she possesses a wide range of facts and information available in her mind. When speaking about going to Paris, MJ claimed she was excited to see the Eiffel Tower due to the theory that it is a mind control device. 

Relationship Status… single. MJ has never really shown interest in dating until recently, when she began to be more social after she came back from Brad, her classmate, has shown interest in her, as well as Peter Parker. The trip to Europe offers MJ a chance to explore any feelings she may have. 

Challenge… continued disappearances. MJ has noticed Peter acting weird, often leaving in times of danger and disappearing until way after. Her observational instinct prompts her to use the trip to Europe as a chance to investigate what is going on with him. MJ knows she can’t get close or Peter will know he’s being watched, so she has to be careful to keep her distance when necessary. Unfortunately, nothing feels the same since the blip.

Personality… witty, quiet, and awkward. MJ is awkward in most social situations and can make odd comments, but she is also very witty and honest with her close friends. She opens up to the right people and can be a valuable friend in a time of need.


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