Michelle Darnell
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Michelle Darnell

The Boss

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About Her

Grew Up… switching in and out of foster homes. Michelle went through a number of families who all returned her to the church where she came from. Because of this, Michelle learned never to trust anybody.

Living… in Chicago, alone in her large estate. Michelle was the wealthiest woman in America. But she gets caught for insider trading, and despite her claim that “everybody does it,” she is incarcerated. Now, she is living on the couch of her old assistant, single mother Claire Rawlings. 

Profession… high-poweredbusinesswoman. Michelle rose to the top: she accumulated a large amount of wealth despite her awful childhood, wrote a series of books on her success, and became a motivational speaker. When the government takes Michelle’s wealth away, she must start over again from scratch. 

Interests… business. Michelle devotes a great deal of time to her business. She also watches a lot of television, and loves the movieTexas Chainsaw Massacre. 

Challenge… recreating herself. Michelle started with nothing, and worked her way to the top. Now, she has to do it again, and this time she enlists the help of her former assistant as a business partner. But her ex-boyfriend is conspiring against her, and many of the people she has stepped on are reluctant to help her out. Still, Michelle is determined to get back to the top, and if anybody can do it, it’s her… 

Personality… ambitious, nutty, and distrustful. Michelle is extremely ambitious, and will stop at nothing to get to the top — and stay there. She has a huge personality and makes seemingly crazy decisions… which likely is what brings her success. However, she has trust issues, and she’s convinced herself that she was only able to become successful because she never had a family.  She trains herself to reject anybody who wants to be close with her.

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