Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… forming a close bond with his brainy brother Donatello. Maybe the reason for their close connection is their almost polar-opposite personalities. Even from a young age, Michelangelo was interested in partying it up, while Donatello sank deeper into his computer. Michelangelo’s first word, legend has it, was “pizza!”

Living… in a sewer with his three brothers – Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael – and their (mutated) rat ninja master, Splinter.

Profession... an above-ground crime-fighter by night, and a pizza-eating, sewer-dwelling mutant ninja turtle by day. Because of his mutated appearance, going outside on the streets of New York in broad daylight isn’t the best idea—except in terms of shock value. Michelangelo would rather shock his brothers with a childish prank, or a surprise pizza delivery.

Interests… pizza. Really, he loves nothing more than pizza. And even though Michelangelo probably spends more time training to be a ninja than he does eating pizza, his nunchucks will always come second to his beloved crust-sauce-and-cheese concoction…no matter how skilled he becomes with them.

Relationship Status… single. Michelangelo shows more attraction to the opposite sex than any of his brothers. For instance, when he sees TV reporter April O’Neil, he exclaims, “She’s a babe!”

Challenge… saving New York City from the evil Shredder while partying down as much as he can. You could say Michelangelo lives something of a double life. As a teenager, there are often more important things on his mind than helping out the less fortunate.

Personality… wacky and spirited. He never seems to get tired – no matter how much pizza he eats, or how many evil “Foot Soldiers” (members of a feared criminal gang) he knocks out. Michelangelo’s catchphrase, shared with some of his brothers, is “Cowabunga!” His other favorite catchphrase is, “I love being a turtle!” And he truly does.


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