Michael Sullivan
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Michael Sullivan

Road to Perdition

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About Him

Grew Up... part of an organized crime family. Michael worked his way up the ranks and became like a son to Illinois crime boss John Rooney.

Living… during the Great Depression, when organized crime is still at an all-time high. Michael Sullivan is muscle for Rooney’s crime organization, but he is a family man first and foremost. He lives with his wife and two children. They have a happy family, even if Michael is a bit of a stern patriarch. The children do not know exactly what their father does, but Michael Jr. witnesses his father kill some men one night, which devastates his father. Michael wants his children to be proud of him and think of him as an honorable provider for the family, rather than a gangster.

Profession… “enforcer” for the Rock Island branch of the Chicago mafia. Michael does his job well, and doesn’t make any fuss. As mob boss John Rooney says, “None of us will reach heaven.” Michael is prepared to face that fate for himself, but that’s not what he wants for his children.

Interests… feeding his family, keeping himself safe in his line of duty, and keeping his children away from his line of duty.

Relationship Status… married. His wife is supportive of his profession, but fears for his safety. She knows that he has to provide for them, but if any harm comes to their family, then in her eyes his job isn’t worth it. Really, she has a point.

Challenge… keeping his business separate from his family. When asked by his oldest son why he treated him differently than his brother, Michael says, “You were more like me. And I didn’t want you to be.” Michael wants to shield his children from his dangerous and illegal work, but that will be harder and harder to do as they get older.  

Personality… stark and reserved, but gifted with a depth of emotions that show through his face. He has a tremendous love for his family, and even for his boss, who has been something of a father to him. The betrayal of his boss would be as heart-breaking as the betrayal of his closest family. Michael must navigate business with a keen sensibility, or else it will affect his relationships with his family and possibly ruin all of their lives.

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