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Living…  with his wife and son in Los Angeles in 2005, although he’s originally from Great Britain. Michael spent some time in Cincinnati where he seriously dated a woman named Bella, but after some feelings of disillusionment he left her and the city for greener pastures in L.A.

Visiting… Cincinnati, specifically the Fregoli Hotel. He’s in town to speak to a bunch of adoring fans of his customer service self-help book How May I Help You Help Them?

Profession… motivational speaker and best-selling author. He helps customer service reps better serve others, reminding them that each person they encounter is unique. It’s a bit ironic since lately everyone has seemed the same to Michael.

Interests… not much. Michael has become disillusioned with his life, and these days everyone he meets looks and sounds like the exact same adult white man. Literally. It’s made life boring, and makes it so Michael struggles to connect to others.

Relationship Status… married. But his wife sounds and looks just like everyone else, so he’s not very happy. That is, until he meets Lisa. She is the only person Michael’s met who has a unique voice, so he’s drawn to her immediately. 

Challenge… finding meaning in his life and relationships. Michael no longer connects to the outside world, and thus it’s hard for him to find things – or, more specifically, people – to believe in. With his moderate fame as a motivational speaker, he thinks that everyone is a little superficially obsessed with him, and so he doesn’t know where to go for something real.

Personality… self-centered, charismatic, and depressed. Michael has devoted his life to helping other people. But now that he’s lost his faith in people, he’s become much more distant and lonely. That is, until he meets Lisa.

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