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Michael Newman


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Overview… an ambitious, workaholic architect who just can’t find the time to balance his personal life with his professional goals. Not only is Michael chasing a huge promotion, he’s also in charge of raising his children, pleasing his wife, and putting food on the table. On top of it all, his unreasonable boss, Mr. Ammer, tends to fob off the most demanding projects on Michael at precisely the wrong times—say, right before a long-awaited family vacation. Yet when Michael gets ahold of a magical universal remote that controls the workings of the universe, he begins to see just how much of the important things in life he’s been missing out on.

Personality… hardworking and driven, but often oblivious. Michael sees his work as the real, meaningful backbone of his life. Yet as he becomes more and more ambitious as an architect, he begins to lose sight of the people who are most important to him. For now, he’d rather turn down the volume on his wife’s kvetching and fast-forward through his son’s baseball games in order to pay more attention to work. Hopefully this remote will help him reshape his priorities.

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