Michael Morbius

Michael Morbius

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Profession… biochemist and inventor. Dr. Morbius is nothing short of a genius, allowing him to excel at seemingly anything he sets his mind to. Driven by his desire to cure his degenerative blood disorder, Dr. Morbius specializes in hematology. With his intellect and his research, he creates an artificial blood of a distinctive blue color—such a revolutionary advancement in medicine nets Dr. Morbius a Nobel Prize for his invention. But he still has not found a cure for his own illness, and he knows his life, and the lives of countless others who are afflicted by the same disorder, hangs in the balance. As Dr. Mobius says, “We have to push the boundaries, take the risks. Without that, there is no science. No medicine.”

Interests… vampire bats. Believing that they may contain the secret to curing his degenerative blood disorder, Dr. Morbius has taken trips to other countries to obverse and capture specimens to bring back to his lab. Other than that, Dr. Morbius is kept busy with his work at the hospital, but if he happens to have some spare time, he enjoys meeting up with his friend, Milo, and passing the time at the park or at Milo’s residence. He met Milo as a child when they were both seeking treatment for the same blood disorder. Bonding over this, they become friends; it is this friendship that motivates Dr. Morbius to become a biochemist and study hematology to find a cure.

Relationship Status… single. Dr. Morbius is developing feelings for his coworker, Dr. Martine Bancroft, who is helping him with his personal research.

Challenge… remaining in control of his violent urges that are a result of medical experiments on himself. What’s worse, Milo has discovered that Dr. Morbius may have finally discovered the cure for their blood disorder, and Milo wants a taste of that medicine – no matter the cost. Fighting to keep himself in line and to keep Milo from taking the cure, Dr. Morbius is forced to face the grave consequences of his research.

Personality… determined, cocky, and complicated. Even though he may come across as arrogant, Dr. Morbius wishes to help others and save lives—even if it means seeking unconventional paths or uncharted territory.


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