Michael Emerson
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Michael Emerson

The Lost Boys

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About Him

Living… in Santa Carla, the tiny town that he, his mom, and his little brother moved to from Phoenix. Even worse, they’re stuck in his Grandpa’s house. Worse still, his Grandpa’s a taxidermist. The first thing that Michael says upon seeing his grandfather’s work room is, “Talk about Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” At least there seems to be some cool people on the Boardwalk near the ocean.

Profession… student. But right now, it’s summer, and Michael has nothing but time to kill. He’s supposed to spend much of that time looking after his little brother, Sam, but something else has caught his eye. There’s a biker gang and a pretty girl that he wants to find out more about. Sam will be fine on his own.

Interests… solving the mystery he stumbled on when he met the beautiful Star at a concert on the Boardwalk. He met her pals David and the rest, but there’s something… different about them. And ever since he drank that wine that they offered him, there’s been something different about him too. He keeps asking “What’s happening to me?” but no one seems inclined, or able, to answer him. (Big hint: He might be turning into a vampire.)

Challenge… protecting his family, helping Star, and overcoming these weird things that keep happening to him. Floating in midair, for instance. David and the gang won’t explain, Sam is scared of him, and even Nanook the dog turned on him. Is there any way to reverse the changes that are overtaking him?

Personality… determined and cool. The good-looking Michael doesn’t talk too much and likes to play the rebel, but when it comes down to it, he’ll do anything for his family, or for the girl he likes. He might go out late at night, tease his brother, and do all those other teenager things, but he isn’t afraid to go against peer pressure when he feels it’s wrong.

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