Michael Dorsey
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Michael Dorsey


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About Him

Living… in New York City with his roommate, Jeff. Though he might not be living there much longer if he can’t continue to pay the rent.

Profession… actor. Michael has been in many critically acclaimed productions, and he is quite a talented actor, but he knows he’s talented and wants everyone else to know it, too. Throwing tantrums on the set and having arguments with directors, he has gotten a reputation for being difficult to work with and has been struggling to find jobs. With no other prospects of employment, he puts on a wig, large glasses and a ton of makeup to audition as a female character named Dorothy on a soap opera. The good news is that he got the part – a role of a lifetime. The bad news is that it means pretending to be a woman on and off the set.

Interests… women. A playboy, Michael has always loved women in a sexual way. But now that he is wearing a dress, he is starting to appreciate them more deeply and understand their points of views better.

Relationship Status… single. Michael is a middle-aged man who has never really wanted to settle down. He had been dating a woman named Sandy, but Sandy got jealous that he was involved with someone else because she saw all the dresses in his closet. As Dorothy, though, Michael may have found the “one”; he is falling deeply for another actress on the set named Julie who is unfortunately dating the director of the show. They have become best girlfriends, and Julie confides her deepest thoughts to Dorothy. To take the relationship to the next level, however, Michael would have to come clean about his lies.

Challenge… being in a bizarre love triangle. Julie likes Dorothy so much that she is pushing Dorothy to date her father. Can things get any stranger? 

Personality… evolving. Before he became Dorothy, Michael was egotistical, stubborn, and self-centered. But as he is getting in touch with his feminine side, he is actually becoming a better man – one who is more empathetic, passionate, and principled. 

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