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Michael Berg

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About Him

Living… in Berlin in 1958 with his anxious parents and a multitude of brothers and sisters.

Visiting… Hanna Schmitz’s apartment, frequently. Michael met 36-year-old Hannah one day on his tram ride home. Michael felt incredibly sick and sprint into the streets for air, only to vomit in the entryway of a nearby apartment building where Hanna lives. Hanna helped him get home to his worried mother. After Michael’s recovery from his illness, he brought Hannah flowers as a gesture of thanks, and they have been in a passionate affair ever since. Michael spends time at her flat every day after school.

Profession… student. Much to Hanna’s delight, Michael is highly skilled in the subject of literature. She makes him read classics like The Odyssey, The Lady with the Little Dog, and Emilia Galotti out loud to her in Greek, Latin, and German.

Interests… reading. Michael is thrilled that Hanna derives so much pleasure from hearing him read his school books. It makes him eager to share more. He even uses different voices to act out all the characters.

Relationship Status… in love. Michael has been in a passionate affair with Hanna, and he loves her dearly: “We’ve been together four weeks and I can’t live without you. I can’t. Even the thought of it kills me.” Hanna is complicated, moody, and demanding, but Michael is infatuated with every bit of her.

Challenge… dealing with his heartbreak. One day, Hannah moves without a warning or farewell, leaving him absolutely devastated.

Personality… eager, sweet, and animated. Michael is the most affectionate young lover a 36-year-old woman could ask for. He enthusiastically responds to Hanna’s every whim, takes her on holiday, and writes her romantic poetry.

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