Ricardo Tubbs
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Ricardo Tubbs

Miami Vice

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About Him

Overview... former New York detective now bringing down drug kingpins in South Beach. When his brother, Rafael, was murdered by a mysterious drug lord, he follows leads down to Miami to put the killer behind bars. It’s here that he’s paired up with Detective Crockett, a flashy detective and Vietnam vet. Together they infiltrate the seediest corners of the city, and in his most honest moments he’ll admit that’s where he likes to be.   

Personality... distrusting, smooth, and focused. Tubbs loves to be undercover, so close to the world of crime he’s devoted his life to destroying. He’s a cynical New Yorker in a strange, flashy city, but he learns to fit in. Along with Crockett, he does his job with style. His cool suits and shades help him fit in with the drug cartels he infiltrates, and if it gets him a few women on the side, all the better.

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