Mia Nesky
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Mia Nesky

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About Her

Living… a life devoid of meaning. Mia wants to have a family and be a mother, but her insecurities, anxieties and psychological troubles have prevented her from being happy so far.

Profession… malpractice attorney. Mia spent the majority of her life focusing on her career, and now that she’s made it to the top of her law firm, she feels empty and alone.

Interests… herself. Mia is self-centered, jealous and extremely competitive. She’s constantly confused about what she wants and what she needs in her life, especially when it comes to her decisions with men.

Relationship Status… single. Mia has had numerous affairs, but she’s looking for something honest and pure. “The pool is exceedingly small,” she tells her therapist, Paul. “They’re either married or there’s a very good reason why they’re not married.”

Challenge… having a family. As she puts it, “I want a partner in my life, I want a family and a home before it’s too late, which it may already be.” On one level Mia blames Paul for her single, childless state, since he was also her therapist 20 years ago and obviously didn’t “fix” her. But pinning her woes on Paul likely won’t put her any closer to achieving her goals.

Personality… narcissistic, competitive and desperate. Mia is in treatment in order to resolve her issues, though her relationship with Paul seems to be adding to her anxieties. Therapy has brought up many of Mia’s demons that she thought were buried in the past. Now she must find the strength to confront them. It’s no sure thing that she’s up to the task.

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