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Grew up… in the distant future. Though millions of miles away from Earth, the desert planet of Gunsmoke is hardly better than its now-desolate predecessor. Sparse and dry, it's a harsh place, full of too many guns and too few laws.

Living... from town to town. Due to an unfortunate job assignment, Meryl's been stuck tailing Vash the Stampede, a legendary gunslinger with a sixty-billion-dollar bounty on his head. (That’s $60,000,000,000.) With such a reputation, Meryl is ready for anything when she meets Vash – anything, that is, except a "droopy-eyed, weak-looking, bristle-headed, promiscuous-looking donut freak of a man."

Profession… insurance agent, working for the Bernadelli Insurance Society. With her partner, Milly, Meryl has been handed the task of investigating claims about Vash, many of them connected to the immense property damage that occurs whenever he's present. It isn't really Vash's fault, though – it's just that with sixty billion dollars on line, people can't help but get worked up whenever he's around.

Interests… calm and order. Packing a coat full of derringers, Meryl's a formidable opponent in a fight, but she'd rather not shoot anyone if she can help it. Fighting solves nothing, after all, and Meryl would rather not see innocent people get hurt.

Relationship Status… single. Meryl is too busy preventing havoc to maintain any type of romantic relationship, even if other people seem to think she has something for Vash. Meryl, of course, vehemently denies it, telling them, "I don't even like him!"

Challenge… preventing Vash from causing further damage. Or at least doing the best she can in fighting that impossible battle. Meryl knows that Vash means no harm, but no matter where he goes, trouble seems to follow. Which means all the more work for Meryl. But while she might initially grumble, after saving a few towns, Meryl stops minding as much.

Personality… organized and composed, but not heartless. Meryl might not suffer fools lightly, but she hates violence even more. She might bicker with Vash endlessly, but deep down, Meryl shares his hope for a better future.

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