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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… with his mother, in the small town of Ealdor. Merlin always stuck out, because he can hardly help but use his magic powers.

Living… in Camelot. Merlin’s mom sent him to her old friend Gaius so he can learn how to control his magic. But unfortunately, Gaius lives in the castle, right under the nose of King Uther Pendragon, who has forbidden magic under pain of death. Now Merlin lives a secret life. By day, he’s a humble servant. But by night, he learns illegal magic.

Profession… servant to Prince Arthur. Merlin does everything for Arthur – cleans his boots, brings his food, even serves as target practice. He became Arthur’s servant as a “reward” for saving Arthur’s life, but it’s not the most fun Merlin’s ever had.

Interests… learning more magic. Within a week of being in Camelot, Merlin discovered a dragon trapped in the depths of the caverns below the castle. It tells him that he has a great destiny, to bring about an era of peace and the restoration of magic. But he’s nowhere near prepared to do that.

Relationship Status… single. It’s not a good idea to get too close to anyone when you’re harboring a secret the king would kill you for.

Challenge…fulfilling his destiny. Merlin doesn’t know exactly how he’s supposed to do that, though. He has to keep Arthur alive, he knows, but it’s hard to believe that jerk is destined to be a great king someday. And it seems like something is attacking Camelot nearly every week, so staying alive might be enough of a challenge for now.

Personality… snarky, clumsy, and intelligent. Merlin has the makings of a true hero – he tries his best to protect everyone, he’s smart, he’s brave, he has powerful magic. But he still tries to fix problems with a wave of his hand, even when that’s not going to work. And he is, as Arthur often points out, not the most helpful servant. When Arthur points out he’s trained to kill, Merlin just responds, “And how long have you been training to be a prat?”


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