Mercedes Jones

Mercedes Jones

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Lima, Ohio, with her parents. Singing in the choir at her local church appears to have fostered her incredible talent.

Profession… high school student at William McKinley High School. Like all of the other glee club members, Mercedes is often bullied and is a social outcast. Despite her sassy attitude and a strong self-worth, Mercedes sometimes takes her (relative) unpopularity to heart. Hey, nobody said high school was easy.

Interests… fashion, singing, performing, and her faith. Mercedes’ passion for fashion initially sparks her friendship with glee club member Kurt. She admires Kurt’s bold fashion statements, even as her own choices are a bit more subdued. Mercedes believes in God and will often reference her faith if she’s in trouble or distress.

Relationship Status… single, for now. Mercedes yearns to have a boyfriend, and joins the glee club in part in hopes of meeting this goal. Mercedes’ desire to find a significant other often clouds her judgment, and places her in hairy situations. Even after several misadventures, she remains hopeful about one day finding a boyfriend.

Challenge… achieving social acceptance at McKinley and obtaining roles worthy of her talent. Tired of getting hit by slushies by the “cool kids,” Mercedes joins the glee club hoping that a victory at Sectionals will lead to an elevated social status. Although arguably more talented than Rachel, Mercedes has to constantly fight to get the solos she deserves. She is willing to join other performance groups if they allow her to have solos.

Personality… compassionate, but sassy and willing to stand up for herself. Knowing that she is an incredible performer, Mercedes believes that she deserves a majority of the solos constantly given to Rachel and Kurt. This initially causes tension among the trio, and she staunchly claims, “Oh, hell to the no! Look, I'm not down with this background-singing nonsense! I'm Beyoncé, I ain't no Kelly Rowland!” When any one of her friends is in need, however, Mercedes shows her soft side and is incredibly kindhearted.  


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