Melissa Shart
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Melissa Shart

The Last Man on Earth

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About Her

Living… in the aftermath of a virus that claimed the life of 99.999% of humans. Driving a limo around the U.S., Melissa spots an “Alive in Tucson” sign while in Arizona, and she roams around town for two weeks looking for human life until she runs (literally) into a truck driven by one Phil Miller and his companion Carol Pilbasian. Relieved to have finally found other humans, Melissa is nevertheless immediately wary of Phil and Carol’s weirdness. She tells them warily, “I’d never thought I’d see people again, and you two sure are… people.”

Profession… unemployed, in lieu of the catastrophic global virus. If it were up to Phil, the self-appointed President of the United States, she would be the FLOTUS.

Interests… her favorite movie, The Shawshank Redemption. (The Godfather is a close second).

Relationship Status… single and horny, which is understandable after two years of isolation and forced celibacy. Phil aggressively tries to sleep with her, but his creepiness outweighs her horniness despite the fact that he is the last man on earth. Besides, he’s married to Carol, and Melissa despises cheaters after being burned by her previous boyfriend.

Challenge… fending off Phil’s advances. It’s not that he’s unattractive per se, it’s that he’s a repulsive human being. Phil quickly exposes himself as selfish and untrustworthy. She tries to reject him gently but firmly, which only makes him double-down on Operation Seduce Melissa.

Personality… honest, mature, and balanced. Melissa is the most adult-like of anyone in their little cul-de-sac community, though in truth there isn’t much competition. And while she likes having fun, she isn’t particularly creative or quirky about it. Before she met Phil and Carol, she would sit in empty coffee shops and spell her name wrong on the cup to feel like she still lived in a world of forgetful baristas. Yes, it's the simple pleasures we'd miss.

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