Melanie Stryder
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Melanie Stryder

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About Her

Grew up… as a normal girl, with her mother, father, and little brother, Jamie. Her ordinary life changed when she was about 14, however, when her Uncle Jeb warned Melanie that parasites called Souls were slowly taking over the human race. Her parents thought the idea ludicrous, but Jeb turned out to be right. When the Souls came to take their family, Melanie and Jamie escaped, going on the run to avoid being possessed.

Living… trapped in her own body. Melanie couldn’t run forever, and now a Soul called Wanderer has been implanted into her body. Melanie no longer has control over her actions – in fact, in most cases, her personality and memories would already be long gone. Somehow, though, she’s hung on.

Profession… rebel. Melanie opposed the takeover of the Souls, and even now, she berates Wanderer from inside her own head.

Interests… freedom. Melanie doesn’t really have any time for hobbies, now that she and the human race are in a struggle to preserve the last of their free will.

Relationship Status… in love with fellow rebel Jared. They met while trying to steal from the same house, and Melanie misses him terribly. In fact, it’s her love for Jared that convinces Wanderer to try and find the human’s hidden camp.

Challenge… retaining her humanity and protecting her little brother. Melanie hasn’t seen Jamie since she captured, and she desperately hopes that he’s all right and hasn’t been captured by Souls. She just has to convince Wanderer to help her, and the other humans not to kill Wanderer.

Personality… brash and determined. Melanie makes no secret of her hatred for Souls, and her anger startles and disturbs Wanderer. Melanie has plenty of rough edges, and she’s not interested in smoothing them down. But her strength and willpower enable her to survive even with a Soul implanted in her, and she is surprisingly gentle and loving when it comes to her little brother.

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