Melanie Carmichael
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Melanie Carmichael

Sweet Home Alabama

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Grew Up… in love. Melanie and her childhood best friend, Jake Perry, fell for each other as children. While still kids, they kissed and Jake frankly stated that they were destined to marry one day. Both of them lived in the backwater town of Pigeon Creek, Alabama – population of 3,561.

Living… a glamorous life in New York City. After leaving home and changing her name, Melanie feels like an entirely different person. When anyone asks about her roots, Melanie presents herself as the daughter of the prestigious and wealthy Carmichael family – which really couldn’t be further from the truth.

Visiting… her hometown for the first time in seven years. Before Melanie can marry her high-powered New York boyfriend, she has to officially sever her ties with Pigeon Creek – and with Jake – for good. Unfortunately, this task proves to be harder than anticipated.

Profession… fashion designer. Melanie has made a name for herself in the international fashion community. In fact, she’s just launched a highly successful line.

Relationship Status… engaged to Andrew, the alluring son of New York’s mayor. After accepting a romantic proposal in Tiffany’s, Melanie decides to fully commit to her new life in New York. But before she can officially marry Andrew, Melanie has to finalize her divorce to her “dumb stubborn redneck hick” of a husband, Jake. Her marriage has been effectively over for nearly a decade, but Jake still refuses to sign the divorce papers.

Challenge… convincing Jake to divorce her. Melanie refuses to leave Alabama until Jake lets her go. Meanwhile, her fiancé’s Machiavellian mother has become suspicious of Melanie’s past. The New York mayor can’t seem to find a Carmichael family listed anywhere, and she’s beginning to think a background check might be in order. Melanie hopes to get Jake to divorce her before either he or his mother discover the truth. But it turns out that Jake might have a very different goal in mind.

Personality… sassy, strong, and a bit snobby. Now that she is a successful and worldly New Yorker, Melanie acts as if she’s above Pigeon Creek’s more humble culture. She tells Jake, “You’re right, I have changed… I don’t even know that girl anymore.” But being back in her hometown, and with Jake, might remind her who “that girl” was – and who she could still become.

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