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Living… in New York, but she spends most of her time in the basement of Fox News in the newsroom. 

Profession… former attorney and highly reputable news anchor at Fox News. But for now, Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News, has let her go on a week-long vacation at the Beach Haven Beach Club with her family.  

Relationship status… married with three children. She has a loving relationship with her husband and is very protective of her children. 

Challenge… dealing with the haters. She has become under fire by candidate Donald Trump’s lawyers for asking inflammatory questions regarding his offensive comments about women. Even though Megyn seems to be unbothered by the occasional hate comments and often easily brushes off insults, she has become the subject of public vilification after the debate. Not only has she received insults, but she also is a victim of death threats. Her privacy is being completely invaded with the paparazzi showing up uninvited, and the line between her work and personal life gets blurrier by the minute.  And her boss, Roger Ailes, is not helping with his condescending comments towards her.

Personality… professional, determined, and quick-witted. Megyn’s composure gives her an air of sophistication, and her staff members look up to her. But it’s hard to stay composed given everything that is going on. 

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