Meg Murry
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Meg Murry

A Wrinkle in Time

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About Her

Grew up… in a loving but somewhat eccentric family. Meg’s parents are both brilliant scientists. Her twin brothers, Sandy and Dennys, are athletic and well-liked. And her youngest brother, Charles Wallace, is a prodigy who can sometimes read Meg’s mind.

Living… with her family. The only thing that’s changed at home is that her father mysteriously disappeared while he was doing a scientific experiment. Meg misses him, and wishes there was a way for him to come back home.

Profession… student, albeit not a good one. Meg is smart, but she doesn’t like school and refuses to abide by rules that she finds pointless. The other kids at school think she’s a moron, and she’s had to go to the principal’s office for being rude. The 14-year-old Meg sometimes feels like an outcast, but her family knows that underneath her troublesome exterior, she is capable of great things.

Interests… math and science. Meg’s father taught her all sorts of mathematical tricks before he disappeared. Unsurprisingly, math is Meg’s favorite school subject, and she can even help older students with their math homework. Perhaps her love of math is why Meg always demands a rational explanation for everything.

Relationship Status… single. Because she has glasses and braces, Meg thinks of herself as “repulsive.” But Calvin O’Keefe, a popular high school junior, seems to think she’s beautiful. He considers himself a misfit as well, and the two become friends right before one of the most important events of Meg’s life.

Challenge… finding her father. A trio of mysterious women have appeared, offering to help Meg find her father by going on a strange inter-dimensional journey. Meg will gladly try to find him, but there’s a dark force standing in her way, and Meg might not be ready to defeat real evil. Luckily, Calvin and Charles Wallace are accompanying Meg on this quest, so she won’t be alone as she travels through time and space.

Personality… rational, impatient, and loving. Meg tends to want answers that she can understand in a scientific way — and she wants them now. Her impatience and temper have gotten her in trouble in school, and those qualities are not exactly an asset on this quest either. But beneath her brusqueness, her most formidable weapon is the deep well of love she holds for her family.

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