Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin

    Family Guy
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as the eldest child of the Griffin family. Meg is having a difficult time as a teenager. Her desperation seems to exceed even typical teen levels, at least compared to her peers at James Woods Regional High School.

Living… a kind of nightmare in Quahog, R.I. Meg is unattractive, mannish, and painfully self-conscious. She finds it hard to attract positive attention from her family, which often drives her to resort to drastic measures. As she once announced to her mother Lois, “For your information MOM, I don’t EAT to solve my problems, I CUT MYSELF. Is that better?”

Profession… high school student. While she tends to do well academically, her social life is an absolute disaster. She often tries to fit in only to be mercilessly ridiculed by the cool kids. She claims that her family is partially to blame for this: “Dad, if I don’t get my driver’s license, I’ll never have any boyfriends, I’ll never get married and I’ll have to adopt a kid like Rosie O’Donnell.”

Relationship Status… perennially single. Meg’s chances of finding love at this point in her life seem extremely slim. She goes as far as to beg the Grim Reaper to “kill all the girls who are prettier than me.” To which he replies, “Well, that would just leave England.” The only men who seem to pursue her are nerd Neil Goldman and sex-addict neighbor Glen Quagmire.

Challenge… finding someone who appreciates her. Even Meg’s family constantly teases and belittles her. Her father Peter leads the insult brigade, but she must withstand taunts from all corner, including from her infant brother Stewie and the family’s talking dog Brian. Meg is at the absolute bottom of the Griffin family pecking order.

Personality… awkward, anxious, and desperate for attention. Meg will do almost anything to improve her social life and get the attention that she wants, though almost all of her schemes result in catastrophic failure. It’s definitely not easy being Meg Griffin.


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