Meadow Soprano
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Meadow Soprano

The Sopranos

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Grew up… in the shadow of her father’s business. Meadow is a very perceptive girl; she’s always known that the Sopranos are a different kind of family. She once asked: “Did the Cusamano kids ever find $50,000 in Krugerrands and a .45 automatic while they were hunting for Easter eggs?”

Living…  for the prospect of leaving home. Meadow will be off to college soon, and she’s desperate to get into Berkeley so that she can move across the country, far away from her odd family life in Northern New Jersey. Her dad Tony officially works in waste management, but everybody in town seems to know that he’s really a Mafia boss.

Profession… student. Meadow is dedicated to her studies and her extracurricular activities, so much so that she sometimes finds she needs a bit of extra stimulation from amphetamines in order to get through her long days.

Relationship Status… single. For now, Meadow is very cagey about her relationships with boys. Her parents suspect that she may have some romantic interests, but Meadow generally remains tight-lipped about her romantic escapades. Part of that is likely standard-issue teen secrecy, but part is that Meadow likely knows what her sometimes violent dad might do to a boyfriend he didn’t approve of.

Challenge… facing her problems with her family. Meadow is, in some ways, the most realistic member of the Soprano household. She knows about her father’s illicit dealings and she accepts it as a fact, but she wants to do all she can to remove herself from it all. Still, sometimes she just wishes things were simpler: “Why can’t this family just get along?”

Personality… charming, bright, and sometimes moody. In other words, that of a typical American teenage girl, even with her somewhat unusual upbringing. While very smart, Meadow is quite capable of lying and cheating, much like her father. “Sometimes we’re all hypocrites,” she tells Tony. 

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