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Maxwell Smart

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Living... in the Cherry Arms Apartments in Washington, D.C. Max's space is extremely neat and well-kept, every item arranged precisely in its respective drawer or cabinet. He has also rigged his home to contain multiple protective booby-traps including a bulletproof safety tube, laser-beam staircase, and a gun chair.

Profession... spy, as Agent 86. Max was recruited by the CONTROL spy organization immediately after graduating from college. He was not a stellar student in spy school, failing several classes, but eventually squeaked by. Once in the field, though, he quickly became a benchmark of success, even winning the coveted Spy of the Year award twice in a row.

Interests... games of skill and intellect. Max thoroughly enjoys thought-provoking games and athletic activities. He is involved in a regular Saturday night poker game with friends and frequently plays chess with the Chief of CONTROL. He has even competed on the spy organization's bowling and baseball teams. He also has a soft spot, however, for less healthy pursuits such as cigarettes and gin.

Relationship Status... single. Max long considered himself a ladies man even when there was little evidence to support the view. But only one woman truly has his heart: his beautiful partner, Agent 99. Their international derring-do and the many close calls they endured together created a powerful bond, even if Max still never uses her real name: "99, I love you better than the whole world. Would you believe it? The whole world."

Challenge... keeping his excessive clumsiness and naivety in check. Max is prone to making silly mistakes while on the job, repeatedly endangering himself and others. Fortunately, he is often able to turn these weaknesses into a strength, initially coming off as inept goofball only to overwhelm his over-confident adversaries with resourcefulness and skill in combat. But let’s be frank – Max is also incredibly lucky.

Personality... cocksure, bumbling, yet oddly endearing. His frequent tactical blunders make him seem like the world’s worst spy, yet somehow he always seems to deliver results in the end. Even though he’s afraid of lightning and the dark, he typically shows utter confidence and fearlessness in his work. When he was once told, "You'll be in imminent danger and constant jeopardy, facing death at every turn," he quickly answered, "And... loving it!"

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