Maximus Decimus Meridius

Maximus Decimus Meridius

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... during the age of the Roman Empire. He was a loyal servant to the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, and was his favorite general. Even though the Emperor had a son named Commodus, the Emperor wanted to name Maximus the Protector of Rome after his death until it could become a republic again. Unfortunately, that idea didn’t go over well with Commodus who murdered his father, proclaimed himself the new Emperor, and ordered Maximus to be executed.

Living… in Spain. Despite Commodus’ best efforts, Maximus was able to escape. He wanted to be with his wife and son whom he loved deeply, but he got there too late – they had been brutally slaughtered. And if it weren’t bad enough to lose his family, Maximus ended up getting captured and sold as a slave.

Profession... gladiator. As a slave, he is forced to kill so that others can be entertained and have a few laughs. Calling himself the Spaniard, he has quickly become one of the best gladiators ever to fight in the Colosseum. That brings him face to face with Commodus again, and Maximus is determined to have his revenge.

Interests… being outdoors. On the farm he used to own in Spain with his wife, he used to love to till the soil and tend to the herb garden and watch the stars under the black sky. 

Relationship Status... a disaster. He lost everything when his wife and son were murdered, and he’s devastated.

Challenge... “unleashing Hell” on Commodus. Maximus’ bravery in the arena have won Rome’s heart once again, and the former general is now seen by a key senator as the one man who can help topple Commodus and reinstate the Republic. Maximus’ former troops are also willing to fight for him if he can get safely out of the city to meet them. But Commodus is always on the lookout for a plot against him, and his deviousness should not be underestimated.

Personality... brooding, which is easy to understand after all he has endured. Maximus is a strong, fearless warrior, but he also has the capacity to love deeply. Despite the tragedies in his life, he is still devoted to the cause of justice, and wants more than anything for the Republic to be restored and the slaves to be freed. 


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