Max Richman

Max Richman

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in San Francisco, California. Max doesn’t have many friends or family in the area, but he is becoming best friends with Zoey Clarke. Through their friendship, he has also grown close to her family. 

Profession… coder at SPQR Point. Max works on the fourth floor with Zoey, where their team codes and programs exciting new inventions. Max doesn’t seem to have a large amount of ambition, passing up a managerial position, but when offered a job in engineering, Max would have to have a really good reason to turn it down…

Relationship status… dating Autumn, a barista. Zoey set Max up with her, and the two have been dating ever since. Max sees things with Autumn as casual, because deep down he still has strong feelings for Zoey. They have been friends for years, but nowadays, he is having a hard time hiding what he really feels. 

Challenge… choosing what’s best for him. Max has been willing to bend his life around in order to keep Zoey close. But he’s ignored his own needs in the process. His boss is helping him gain the confidence that he needs to finally stand up for himself—at work and in his personal life. 

Personality… sweet, flirty, and thoughtful. Max goes out of his way to make other people comfortable. He is caring, charming, and wants the best for those he loves. 


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