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Max Renn


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About Him

Grew Up… watching television, just like everybody else.

Living… in Toronto. Max is a TV producer who spends most of his time searching for “the next big thing.” He needs a new audience and is tired of the network’s cliché and boring lineup.

Profession… president of CIVIC-TV, a UHF television station. Max wants to spice up the network, and create a show that appeals to the animal inside us. He is quickly captivated by a Malaysian show called Videodrome – a plotless show of staged torture. Max excitedly believes that he has found the next moneymaker, perhaps even the future of television worldwide.

Interests… sadism, money, and good marketing.

Relationship Status… dating Nicki Brand, a psychiatrist who is also fascinated by Videodrome. In fact, she is sexually aroused by the show.

Challenge… discovering what Videodrome truly is. Strange occurrences started to occur after Max watched the show, which may not be from Malaysia after all. While he is slightly freaked out, Max is nevertheless determined to find the show’s origin. That could end up being quite dangerous.

Personality… ambitious and visionary. Though he can be flippant, Max takes his job very seriously, and will go to the ends of his sanity to find what he wants.

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