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Max Durocher


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Living… in Los Angeles, where Korean neon burns into the sodium-lit magenta sky. As a cab driver, Max sees a different side of the city than most– and knows better than anyone that the late-night streets hold every kind of person and secret you could imagine.

Profession… cabbie. Max works hard every night, scrimping and saving his tips in the hope of one day opening his own limousine company. He’s pleasant, friendly, and a good-driver– although his latest passenger, Vincent, is poised to test all of Max’s professional (and moral) limits.

Interests… putting together his limousine company. Max isn’t content to drive a cab his whole life: he wants something more, something sustainable, something he built. But that’s not a life you get to live without hustling, and so Max is putting in his time.

Relationship Status… not doing so well. Things with the wife have been cold lately. He says that, “Whatever I tell her is never good enough.  That's what they do. They project onto you their flaws, what they don't like about themselves, their lives, whatever.” It’s a lot of pressure on Max, but he’s got bigger problems to worry about.

Challenge… making it out of his cab alive. Max has dealt with plenty of troublesome passengers in his time, but no one as dangerous as Vincent. While Vincent dresses and acts like a high-powered businessman, it doesn’t take long for Max to discover that Vincent’s "business" is murder. The hitman is forcing Max to drive him around town to five different marks, all of whom he intends to execute. Max is a hostage in his own cab, terrified for his life and coerced into being an accessory to murder.

Personality… thoughtful, friendly, and moral. Because individual people are so important to him, Max is incapable of taking a big-picture view; the vastness of the universe does nothing to diminish his commitment to conducting himself well in day-to-day life. This attitude stands in stark contrast to that of Vincent, who absolves himself of guilt by viewing things on a cosmic scale. While Max is a good man, he’s never been a heroic one— but if he wants to survive the night, that might finally have to change.

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