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Max Cohen


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About Him

Overview... an unemployed number theorist obsessed with finding the significance behind an unexplained string of numerals. Max’s computer spits out a 216-number sequence, which at first he thinks is useless until it seems to accurately predict a stock that zooms in value. He’s also looking for codes in the Torah. To his thinking, if we're built from spirals, while living within a giant spiral, it’s possible that all of human behavior, when quantified, is in the form of a spiral. We’re all just open-ended circles spread out over time. If Max can find where pi (3.14159...) fits, if he can spin it and lock it into a group of numbers, then he can calculate the future. That’s the idea, anyway.

Personality... eccentric, tormented, and reclusive. Max’s genius comes with a price. His headaches are getting more frequent now and the drugs don't work. He is the quintessential dreamer who believes he can turn lead into gold, chaos into order, madness into sanity, and pain into bliss.

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