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Max Blum

Happy Endings

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About Him

Living... in his own filth with his newly single friend Dave. They share an apartment that’s more abandoned warehouse than warehouse loft, but as Max tells their mutual friend Brad, "Exposed wire is the new exposed brick." While waiting for spring to arrive, Max uses his bedroom to hibernate, much like a bear.

Profession... usually, nothing. In Max’s own words: “I’m not at a point in my life where I can be taken seriously.” That includes potential employers, so Max uses his limited professional skill set to bounce around from job to job, including brief stints as a limousine driver and bar mitzvah dancer.

Interests… drinking beer and watching sports. He also fronts an all-male Madonna cover band called “Mandonna” and drinks his way through “coaching” the group’s kickball season. He may be the most focused of his friends, but strictly when it comes to doing nothing at all.

Relationship Status... single and happy. Max is too non-committal to stay in a relationship very long, and too judgmental to stick with a guy he finds lame. He won't hesitate to leave a guy’s car when he puts Dave Matthews on the stereo, even if Max has to leave his keys and wallet behind.

Challenge... his friends would say he needs to grow up. Max, however, is very comfortable in his own skin. Others might see waking up and eating pizza in bed as a low point, but to Max it’s just a normal Wednesday morning. Or is today Thursday? Or the weekend? Eh, like it matters.

Personality... lazy, immature, dedicated couch potato, and a bottomless pit for brats and beers. But he’s also completely charming and a loyal friend, at least until you do something he can rip you apart for. Lovingly.

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