Mavis Dracula

Mavis Dracula

    Hotel Transylvania

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Hotel Transylvania, a five-star, monster-exclusive hotel that her father, Count Dracula, built for the both of them after a terrible fire in their last home.  She lives in room 174 of the hotel and spends most of her time there. Although she’s technically 118 years old, Mavis feels like her father still treats her as a child. 

Profession… assistant to her father. She helps him organise parties and runs errands for the hotel. 

Relationship status… single. But she’s eager to go to Paradise to find her Zing (or her true love), just like her parents did at that very place. Although that’s certainly possible, what if her Zing wasn’t so far away, perhaps even right in Hotel Transylvania?

Interests… anything black, scream cheese, and flying around. Mavis dresses from head to toe in black. And her absolute favourite food is scream cheese. She also likes to fly around with her father in their bat-forms, one of many superpowers that they share in common. 

Challenge… wanting more. Mavis desperately wants to get out and explore the world. Can you imagine what it’s like being cooped up without much to do for 118 years? 

Personality… rebellious and strong-willed. Exerting her “pouty bat face” whenever she wants to get her way, Mavis seems pampered by her loving father. But she’s also stubborn and will try anything to get what she wants—even if it might mean going against her father’s advice. But all this comes from a place of curiosity and optimism: having walked (or flown) in the same halls for 118 years, Mavis yearns to see the world for herself and experience everything that Hotel Transylvania can’t offer. 


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